About Us

Microreve® is a registered trademark of Proiber, being its reference for the sector of continuous coatings, whether they are microcement, epoxy paint, self-leveling epoxy, polyurethane, etc ...

Proiber is a company dedicated to 3 areas of activity:

  1.     Waterproofing and resin injection

  2.     Structural Rehabilitation and Repair

  3.     Continuous coatings,

These 3 areas allow Proiber technicians to have unique know-how when compared to our competitors who only dominate one of the areas and that although they are good in their right area is often that the problems that we detect in the complaints that arrive us , often involve the inability to detect for example levels of upward humidity in the supports, a lack of ability to detect whether or not a floor has resistance to be coated, as well as the lack of technical expertise to detect the problem , you can formulate a solution that avoids the problem. micromanagement is undoubtedly a world full of opportunities for creativity, but it is also a treacherous world in that we deal with expectations and tastes, which as we all know are easily misinterpreted or of highly random criteria. In Prober and with the microreve you will always be told the whole truth as a way to not defraud your expectation and increase your contentment with what is expected and desirable due to the characteristics but also limitations of the system. certainly that at the end of the project will understand what micromanification is and why he chose it, it is undoubtedly an artistic work and of enormous aesthetic effect.


Microreve is a company that is concerned with analyzing the main characteristics and pathologies of substrates, such as:


Presence of Humidity

Waterproofing and resin injection



Structures Damaged

Structural Rehabilitation and Repair


Substrate Analysis

Choice of ideal continuous jackets

These 3 areas allow Microreve technicians to offer unique know-how when compared to other companies in the sector. Microreve is concerned with detecting, for example, levels of rising humidity in the substrates, whether or not a floor has resistance to be coated, as well as other pathologies, thus being able to formulate a unique and specific solution for each case, seeking to avoid future problems.

Microcreation is undoubtedly an immense world full of opportunities for creativity and at Microreve we care about total transparency in communication as a way of not defrauding the characteristics of the system. We consider it extremely important to align customer expectations with the finishing characteristics and limitations of the system.

Each surface coated with Microreve is unique and with features and nuances that reflect an artwork and a huge aesthetic effect.